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Ella’s Online

In Year 2 we have been investigating our new GAFE accounts. Ella from Mr Garnett’s class was so […]


Y4 CP Exhibition Coming Soon

Year 4 CP will be presenting their exhibition on the 7th July 2015 Sheffield Winter Gardens 10:30am—12 noon


Macbeth By Year 5

Year 5 have been working this half term on the Shakespeare tragedy Macbeth. Here are some of their […]


Spelling Bee Results

The results of the Spelling Bee are attached. The children were ace and had obviously learned their words well, […]

Macbeth 3

Augmented Reality @Monteney

Thanks to Aurasma, every image, object and even place can have its own “Aura”, which is our term […]


“Is That Stew? Y2.”

Cooking up a storm the Y2’s create a healthy, but delicious stew for Mr Murch, I mean everyone to eat. […]


Digital Leaders Newsletter Vol 1

The Digital Leaders at Monteney have created their first newsletter to help pupils and parents access Monteney’s online […]

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Ella’s HSTRY Timeline

Create free interactive timelines. Hstry is a free digital learning tool which promotes collaboration and engagement in the […]