Coding at school: a parent’s guide to England’s new computing curriculum

What will your child be learning? There are three distinct stages for the new computing curriculum: Key Stage 1 (5-6 year-olds): Children will be learning what algorithms are, which will not always involve computers. When explained as “a set of instructions” teachers may illustrate the idea using recipes, or by breaking down the steps of […]

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all the pupils, parents and teachers of Monteney.


Famous Children’s Books Brought To Life By Y2JS

Monteney’s 60th:”It all happened this year 1954″

To celebrate Monteney’s 60th birthday we chose to record some other famous events from 1954. They are
the publication of 2 major novels and officially the dullest news day in history.



Year 2’s Collaborative Presentations

Wow only a few years ago this would have been a new task for year 4 children. Now our year 2’s are rising to the challenge on online learning with great enthusiasm and lots of skill. Here are a few of their online alphabets for younger children. Eva’s Alphabet Ava’s Alphabet Alex’s Alphabet