Topic outline

  • Using Scratch: My Monster

    Scratch is an open-source early computer language learning environment enabling young beginners to get results without having to learn syntactically correct writing first. It is intended to motivate for further learning through playfully experimenting and creating projects, such as interactive animations etc.

  • 1. Let Us Be......A Computer Programmer

    Computer programming is just like writing a series of instructions to make something.

    Here is a set of instructions for a jam sandwich.

    1. take two slices of bread
    2. open up the margerine
    3. spread the margerine on the bread
    4. take the lid of the jam
    5. spread the jam on one slice of bread
    6. place other slice on top of the jammy slice
    7. EAT IT

    The instruction needed to make a lovely sandwich have to be accurate and in the right order!

    • 2. Let Us Create.....Our First Sprite

    • 3. Our First Sprites

      First Sprites

    • 4. Making Them Move

      Click on the Green Flag Red Flag to start our program.

    • 5. Let's Talk

    • 6. Adding A Background