monster 1 Monster 3 My monster likes to tickle my toes. On Monday he comes to school with me but my teacher does not know! Nobody sees him because he hides in my pocket. Sometimes he sneezes but everyone just thinks it is me. Tomorrow we are going on a trip to the zoo. Everyone will be looking at the lions and the tigers but I will be looking at my marvellous monster. Riding in my pocket me and my monster set off home another day of fun and still nobody knows. Except YOU! Monster 4

Monster @Monteney is part of:

JISC OER3 Project: Digital Futures in Teacher Education

Project Outline

The aim of this project is to produce an open textbook ‘Digital Literacy (DL) for Open and Networked Learning’based upon two strands of development that are mutually reinforcing: the first is to create materials for a module accredited by the two partner HEI for trainee teachers on their PGCE courses, in line with the HEA Professional Standards Frameworks and the Professional Standards for Teachers, involving the (re)use of OERs and associated pedagogical design; and the second is to develop guidance on practice in teaching and learning in the school sector involving digital literacy.

To view all the activities you will need Flash and Java installed on your browser. If you are using an iPad you can view the Flash based resources using the 'Puffin' browser available as a free app.

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    Available courses

    Scratch LogoUsing Scratch: Creating My Monster

    Use "Scratch' to create your very own Monster. Add scripts to make him move, talk or play games.


    Design a Monster Using 'Spore'

    Spore allows us to create creatures by selecting key body parts (heads-arms etc) and shaping them.

    Monster Music

    Come and create your own musical masterpiece using Monteney's Aviary Suit.

    Monster Poems